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söndag 10 januari 2010


Now it's time for the little guy to move on! Yesterday we wrote everyone´s name on small pieces of paper, folded them and put them in a bowl. Shaked them well and pulled one out. It was so exiting to open it up to see where he's going next! He's was jumping up and down and I wich you could see him when he found out that he's going to a part of the world he's never seen before.

He's going to:

PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA to visit Bangchik at


So Bangchik, please contact me and let me know where to send him.

5 kommentarer:

  1. He needed a warm place to visit ;-)

  2. How exciting for Bilbo, he's going to have lots of fun there!

  3. Huh?... So Bilbo really want to be here?... haha, I just warn him about the weather too wet and hot. He will perspiring day in and day out. Snails will be crawling up his tiny leg... and slugs too. Grasshopper will hover around, checking if this new visitor will taste good...

    of course he is welcome here.....!!!

    Putrajaya, Malaysia.
    Drop me a word at this my email: mylittlevegetablegarden@gmail.com
    and then I will give the full address.

    Kakdah will be delighted!!!

  4. I am so thrilled that Bilbo will be going to Malaysia!! I know Bangchik and Kakdah have been trying to get him for ages! Fantastic!


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