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fredag 18 december 2009


He has finaly arrived! He's our Christmas visitor, the one travelling around the world. And his long trip, from Milano Italy to Lund in Sweden, went well. He looks happy, but he was a bit hungry.

And he brought me presents! Chocolate, one of the things I really enjoy mmm...

Oh no, I havn't been tasting them yeat!

Since Bilbo never seen snow before we hurried outside. Becaurse, in my part of Sweden we almost never gets any snow at all. There must have been someone who new that Bilbo would like to see that and arranged it for his arrival. But it might all be gone tomorrow!

With eyes big as saucers he looked around and finaly with small, steps, lurked over the grass (you can see his tiny footprints) and turned around. Then he sank!

I was a bit afraid that he would disapear! But the snow wasn't that deep.

Then he said that he wanted to make a snow angel and layed down. I had to help him. The snow there were way to deep for him! He couldn't even get up on his own. We had to find a better spot for that.
This was so much better! Can you see the angel?

Then we hurried inside. He was so cold. He said: T-t-t-t-tell Dirt Princess (his mom) http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/
that I'm ok!

I put him close to the candle for some heat.

He has already found himslef a new friend in the house! Nalle, who is a hockyfan of Malmoe Redhawks
Over and out - gittan and Bilbo

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  1. hehehe...den var bra! thanks for sharing Bilbo

  2. I am sure Bilbo is having a great time.... He wont mind eating miniature noodles, I think... ~ bangchik

  3. Vilken rolig historia och vilken gullig Gartenzwerg.
    Snöängeln blev söööööööt.
    Ha en fortsatt skön helg...och vaddå snön är borta imorgon???? Neeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    jag älskar snön.....och ska ha vit jul 2009
    Kramizzar, Petra B.

  4. Dear Gittan, you are such a kind and generous hostess for Bilbo! I am sure he appreciates it and will want to stay with you for a long time. I loved his snow angel, did you make one too? :-)
    Kram, and stay warm!

  5. I love his snow angels! He's going to love your home, too bad your gardens are covered in snow, maybe he'll get a tour of your greenhouse?

  6. OHHHHHH SNOW!!!! I love it! I know he was so happy to see it! I love the snow angel he made! I know he is having so much fun with you!!! Keep him warm!

  7. http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/2009/12/where-in-world-is-bilbo-lund-sweden.html

    Here is the link post! Your Bilbo tag is also on this link!

  8. Å va kul att du hittade på mig, kände mig lite isolerad när TB lagt av och på min nya dator har jag inga bloggfavoriter, de låg ju på min gamla blogg. Känner igen shoppingbegäret som dyker upp, faktiskt har jag lyckats fixa alla julklappar i god tid i år. Lite presentkort kvar men det får maken fixa i helgen. Impectas katalog kan riskera dregelfläckar, visst. Ska försöka BARA köpa grönsaksfrön i år, tråkigt men man måste försöka lära sig *host harkel*. Lyckas nog få med ngt annat oxå.
    Hoppas på lite lugn efter julafton så jag får tid att sätta mig i mitt syrum. Välkommen in igen o kika. Ha det så gott - Maria

  9. Tooooooo cute!!! Bilbo visited me early last spring. He's a lot of fun!

  10. What a lovely place for Bilbo to visit. I am sure Bilbo will enjoy you showing him around Sweden and appreciate such a gracious host as you. Love his snow angel.

  11. I cannot think of a better place for Bilbo to spend his Holiday's. He looks to be having a wonderful time in the snow on his visit. His Mommy will be so glad.

  12. Well I have already had Bilbo visit here and he was a stinker to keep up with. We had sooo much fun with him. Looks like he is having a wonderful time in all that snow...(he needs a scarf when he goes outside, we southerners aren't use to temps this cold)...sorry, it's a Mom thing! LOL....

  13. Oh Bilbo looks excited! The snow is a treat for him during this season of Joy. I hope Bilbo would like the warm weather as well. Malaysia is a tropical country. It would be so so nice to be able to have this great explorer coming this way and drop by our warm and sunny gardens. Till then, take care Bilbo! And Gittan, you have a great weekend with Bilbo yeah :-D

  14. I'm so glad he arrived safe nd sound. He made it really quickly too, in comparision with his last journey from Alberquerque to Milan. What fun he had in the snow - if he'd stayed here another few days he'd have found it here, but it seems fitting that he had his first experience in Sweden rather than a country that's better knownn for being hot and sunny. Give him a big hug from me and tell him we miss him.

  15. En sån söt Bilbo, tänk att han fick uppleva snö!!! :o)
    Ha en riktigt fin helg,

  16. What a lovely place for Bilbo to visit for Christmas! Not only seeing his first snow but making his first snow angel - a perfect snow activity :)

  17. he sure looks like he's having fun!!! great post!

  18. Mom! Sometimes you scare me haha! And this time, is a scary time!;)
    Love Nathalie

  19. Fantastic! lovely pictures, looks like you had a great time in the snow, good to see that you are getting a good education in Europe! Where next, I wonder?


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